We are your home for Ruby-Cell products. We believe that beauty is both inside and out and everybody deserves the right to feel confident about themselves in their everyday life. Whether you're young, middle aged or old, with our line of Ruby-Cell products, you will always look gorgeous. Come and try and experience more vibrant and healthy looking skin which radiates to give your more youthful shine.... the way nature intended it to be. 



Hair Regrowth using stem cell tech to build up your hair generating cells and regrow your natural hair

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What makes Ruby-Cell products different from others?

No need for needles, botox or fillers! 

The first answer is stem cell technology. Stem cells are one of the key ingredients that makes Ruby-Cell products stand above the rest. Stem cells are like blank 'template' cells which can make more of other 'specialised' cells around it. For example tissue, muscle and skin. Because of this characteristic, stem cells are used by our bodies to grow and heal. 

In our skin it helps to heal damaged cells that cause impurities on our skin to keep it clean and whitened and help rebuild the architecture of the tissue below our skin to make it appear smooth and tightened ending up with a more fresh vibrant look. 

A variety of growth factors, cytokines and extracellular matrix produced by stem cells are isolated, purified and extracted. These ingredients are substances that help moisturise, elasticise, enhance skin barriers mitigate skin irritation and stress and prevent skin damage such as skin dryness by helping to facilitate the metabolism of the skin.

The breakthrough technology of our Ampoule air gun breaks our 4U Ampoule stem cell based product into a fine mist, which then penetrates deeper into your skin to reach the subcutaneous tissue that forms the architecture of your skin.


Skin Lifting 

Reduce pigmentation

Reduce inconsistencies

Reduce wrinkles

Skin whitening

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